Haemophiliac heart


Time heals nothing…Ā šŸ’”

Break theĀ bones, and the body will heal.

Break the spirit, and the body will die…

“Your quality of life is a matter of adding up all the pleasure and subtracting all the pain. And we need to take into account how long the pleasures and the pains last and how intense the pleasures and the pains are.”

“But still, we add up the total amount of pleasure, add up the total amount of pain, subtract the pain from the pleasure and look to see what our grand total is. If it’s positive, your life’s worth living. And the greater the number, the greater the positive number, the more your life is worth living.”

“If it’s negative though… if your life is filled with pain and suffering, or at least so much pain and suffering that it outweighs whatever pleasures you may have in your life, so that your balance is a negative one, then your life’s not worth living.Ā Having that go longer and longer is just more and more negative balance.”

“That’s a life that’s bad for you to have and you’d be better off not having it.”

“You’d be better off having your life come to an end.”

“You’dĀ beĀ betterĀ offĀ dead.

This is no way for anybody to live…